2018 MAY 25


Story: Zeds 5.3 posted Monday, May 21
Flash Fiction: A Truly Tragic Tale (participation in the Weekly Flash Fiction by Finally Unchained)
Survey: A Nine Bob Note (Answering Questions by A Guy Called Bloke)
Story: The Ancient 1.2 posted Wednesday, May 23
Story: EmVee 2.1 posted Friday, May 25

When reading EmVee, please be aware that some changes are going to be made to the Prologue to reflect a change to a main character in future chapters. A few other changes may be made to existing chapters, but I don’t think that particular subject has come up just yet. If I make any other changes, I will make sure to comment on them here.

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2018 MAY 18

EXCITING things are happening over at my website; SeeJay Stark Dot Com. For starters, there is a brand new story in the works! (What? a NEW story? But didn’t you just start a new story last week?) Yes! I did! And I was so deeply into writing it that I am scheduled all through June for updates on it! The same goes for this one. The story, which I am calling ‘The Ancient‘ is already scheduled for the next 6 weeks! I will be posting these on Wednesdays.

For those keeping track (and those who aren’t) this means that you can find new pieces of Zeds every Monday, new pieces of The Ancient every Wednesday, and new pieces of EmVee every Friday!

Let’s get to those updates!


Zeds 5.2 posted on Monday, the 14th of May
The Ancient 1.1 posted on Wednesday, the 16th of May
EmVee 1.3 posted on Friday, the 18th of May

In other news

I found a box in the garage stuffed with old notebooks of junk I’ve written and never typed up, which is what prompted me to start typing up The Ancient in the first place. Expect a few new stand-alone stories (that aren’t going to be weekly series, but might require a few weeks to complete) to come along soon.

I will also soon be writing the backstories for a number of Roleplaying characters I have had over the span of my life… so if you’re interested, those will be coming soon as well. They’re mostly D&D and Pathfinder characters, so it’s going to be a lot of fantasy, but I do have a few characters in more modern, city settings.

Some details will have to be altered and changed to avoid copyright issues (they probably won’t be an issue but I’d rather… not invite the possibility of trouble. I remember the Anne Rice Fanfiction days) but for the most part the stories will be the same and no major details will be altered… not that any of you would know.

That is all, carry on…

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Ok, that is all, for real.

2018 MAY 11

It’s Friday! Which means it is time for my weekly update of what’s new over at SeeJayStark.com

-New tale: CJ and the Deadly Deadline posted Saturday, May 5th
-New Story: The Daily Post One Word Prompt: Mentor posted Saturday, May 5th
-New chapter of Zeds (4.3) posted Monday, May 7th
-New tale: CJ and the Table of Fire posted Tuesday, May 8th
-New chapter of EmVee (1.2) posted Friday, May 11th

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2018 APR 30


There’s some fun stuff going on at my website, SeeJayStark.com, you should go check it out!

New chapters of Twin Oaks (The Zed Project) posted every Monday!

A new story in the works about a sentient NPC

A contest to win some of my pins! (ends when I wake up tomorrow, Tuesday, May the 1st)

Short blurb about Ready Player One

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