Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Chapter 1

I finished chapter 1 of the new Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition (FFXVPE) and all I have to say this; more mobile games should aspire to be on this level.

Ok… I lied, I have more to say than that.

FFXVPE is a mobile remake of the Final Fantasy XV released on Console and PC, and whatever else people have it playing on… but, instead of being a MASSIVE resource consuming behemoth of a game, it has very scaled down graphics and gameplay. It has a very “chibi-esque” art style to the character design, and puts less detail into the world around it. However, as scaled down as it is, it’s still better than a vast majority of other games currently marketed on Android. There isn’t a great selection of unique games that don’t just play like every other mobile game already out there.

(Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Chapter 1 Part 1)

(Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Chapter 1 Part 1.5)

The point and click system works very well for this type of game; a whole lot better than trying to lay a PS1 controller scheme over the screen on some other PS1 ports. You tap a section of the screen and the character simply moves there, collecting whatever items are in the path. Want to attack? Tap the creature you want to attack. Want to talk to someone? Tap the person you want to talk to. It’s very simple and easy to use, but it doesn’t feel repetitive.

There have been other games that have been officially ported over to android, but before this game, those games took a controller layout and stuck it on the screen at half opacity (or whatever opacity, I dunno, I’m not a programmer). While it works, it’s very awkward. Gamers are used to the “claw hand” position, but trying to do it on a flat screen, instead of a three dimensional controller that’s designed to fit your hand, is extremely awkward. Virtual controllers require you to use your thumbs for the directional buttons and STOX buttons, and the sides of your pointer fingers to try and tap the R/L 1/2 buttons. It’s… it’s just awkward and causes finger cramps.

(Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Chapter 1 Part 2)

I would LOVE to see more classic games REMADE for mobile systems. A lot of them don’t need much in the way of alterations to graphics as they’re designed to play on older, weaker systems… but the control schemes would need to be repaired and adapted to the mobile system, just as FFXV has been.

Would I pay 15 to 20 dollars for Final Fantasy VII?
You bet I would… but… not in its current state. I don’t have the desire to screw around with virtual controllers.

(Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Chapter 1 Part 3)

I’m getting a bit off topic here. I’m here to talk about FFXVPE. The game remains true to its parent game by keeping the original voices and storyline. Obviously, there are a few things removed to make it work; there is no open world exploration, no fishing, no photography challenges, no turning the camera (except while driving), and from what I’ve seen so far, there are no hunts. I was a little excited about the possibility of hunts, but it’s not included.

I’ve had only a few minor issues with the game that generally revolve around sound; the characters occasionally choose to speak a foreign language during general chit-chat, and I often get a repeating echo, or thumping, when I turn on the screen recorder. A few times, characters will start talking just as I trigger an event, and they will continue talking as another character begins to talk.

These aren’t major issues, and they’re not going to deter me from the game… granted, the audio issue while recording is a bit of an annoyance when I’m trying to record the whole playthrough, but if I tinker with settings, then turn on the recording, then turn the settings back up, it seems to work… half the time.

(Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Chapter 1 Part 4 Ending)

As it stands now, I just started chapter 4. I will have to replay a section of chapter 3 because my recording stopped during a battle, but I have all of chapter 1 posted, and the first part of chapter 2. Chapter 2 is edited and ready for upload, so I might have that done by the end of the weekend.

I am considering a super edit of FFXV; all of chapter 1 in one video, but with the gameplay mostly removed and leaving just the story. It would contain all the key elements of the story, all the cut scenes, and the important dialogue and maybe a few of the big, important fights… but none of the running around, shopping, side quests, and so forth. I think that would be fun… not only to watch, but to edit and put together as well.

I’ll toy with the idea and maybe start work on it this weekend.

(2.25.18 I just realized I used a photo from chapter 3 as the featured photo on this post. Oops.)

(2.27.18 I also just realized that I cut a 15 minute section out of chapter 1, between parts 1 and 2. As such, I’ve added an extra video right after part 1, listed as part 1.5… well, it will be there in about 6 minutes anyway. though, by the time you read this, that six minutes will have probably passed. – Oh, wait. It’s processing. Give it another 10 minutes… then it will be there, for sure. Though, again. this is a pointless addition as it will be there by the time you reach this far down)

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Chapter 1

    1. As best I can tell, there are pretty much only 3 or 4 games out there, and then most of the others are just duplicates of those! I posted recently about a few of my favorite unique games that deviate from the standards!
      I just finished chapter 4! But, I have to replay it because my recording maxed out literally a minute or two from the end of the chapter, missing the climatic end of the fight. It’s a great game and I really want to see more like it.

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