2018 MAY 25


Story: Zeds 5.3 posted Monday, May 21
Flash Fiction: A Truly Tragic Tale (participation in the Weekly Flash Fiction by Finally Unchained)
Survey: A Nine Bob Note (Answering Questions by A Guy Called Bloke)
Story: The Ancient 1.2 posted Wednesday, May 23
Story: EmVee 2.1 posted Friday, May 25

When reading EmVee, please be aware that some changes are going to be made to the Prologue to reflect a change to a main character in future chapters. A few other changes may be made to existing chapters, but I don’t think that particular subject has come up just yet. If I make any other changes, I will make sure to comment on them here.

Also, as always, if you would much rather get updates as they’re happing, instead of from this once a week post, you can always head over to See Jay Stark Dot Com and click the BRAND SPANKING NEW follow button in the bottom right corner (give it a few seconds to load)

That is all. Carry on!

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