2018 JUL 06


Flash Fiction: Strings posted June 30 (after last week’s update)
Zeds 7.3 posted Monday, July 2
The Ancient 2.2 posted Wednesday, July 4
The Ancient: 4th of July Special posted Wednesday, July 4h
EmVee 3.5 posted Friday, July 6

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Wow… life, amiright!

My life the past month has been divided between disasters and work. Even our day off spent at the beach ended with severe sunburns. We’re not sure how the sunburns came about since we spent the entire time under a large umbrella (our best guess is that it was a very cheap umbrella and so probably didn’t actually protect much from UV light). The burns are still clearing up, almost 2 weeks later.

We went and saw Jurassic World 2, and bawled our eyes out! Thanks a lot!! We had a hard time enjoying the movie for a half hour or so as we tried to get those images out of our head. )If you’ve seen the movie, you probably know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it… I would suggest covering your eyes and ears for a few minutes when the main characters chase down the boat.

We’ve been trying to expand our wedding business, but every time we get comfortable with our staff to the point where we’re ready to increase prices, increase pay, and start double booking; our staff quits. Just yesterday we were discussing how we really enjoyed our current staff and that we had enough confidence in them to start letting them run weddings, which allows us to book double on some days, and allows us to increase our income to the point where we can double what we’re paying our employees right now.

And today, half the staff quits because they don’t want to wait and feel they’re not getting paid enough. (Keep in mind, we only have 4 employees, and 2 of them were married.) So, it looks like expanding is going to have to be put on hold again. (Also, keep in mind that we have been telling them that we’re not paying a great deal right now until we have staff and can start booking bigger weddings with more payout. We’re paying a flat rate per event right now, but once we start booking bigger weddings and establishing ourselves then we’re going to be paying 15 to 25 an hour. We just need people to stick with us during the difficult time of growth.)

Anyway (i say that too often), my main point is; I haven’t had a lot of free time in the last month to six weeks or so, and my scheduled posts are falling behind. I have only 2 posts scheduled right now (Zeds 8.1 and Zeds 8.2), and nothing ready for the other stories. I REALLY need to find some time to sit down and get myself a small buffer again; just 3 or 4 posts for each story.

I’m letting you all know because it’s possible my stories will either be late this week, or absent… yes, I might miss my first posts since I started this blog back in February (I didn’t start posting stories until March, but that’s still a few months.)

So, please offer me some patience and know that I am sorry to keep everyone waiting (if I keep you waiting. I have a few days until The Ancient should post on Wednesday.)

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