That’s Kinda Freakish

I was sick recently and spent 2 days in bed. In my stationary wanderings I discovered, Pilgrim style, a show on Hulu called Freakish. Being a fan of Zombie and Apocalypse films, I put the show on and… Accidentally blew through the entire available 2 seasons in the 2 days I was sick. Continue reading “That’s Kinda Freakish”

This is Bobnet

I just finished listening to the Audible presentation of the We Are Legion (We Are Bob) trilogy and I am sad to see it end. It had me interested in the story from beginning to end, and it had me genuinely concerned for the well being of the characters. Continue reading “This is Bobnet”

Cloverfield Paradox’ Paradoxes

(This isn’t intended to be a review of the movie; it’s just a few observations and questions I had after watching it)

I just watched The Cloverfield Paradox and… I have questions…

First off, I’m going to say that I enjoyed the movie. I found it entertaining: but I’m easily entertained. I don’t go into films expecting to be disappointed like some critics seems to, I go in there looking for a fun story. Continue reading “Cloverfield Paradox’ Paradoxes”