My Imaginary Friends

The subject of my imaginary friends has come up recently. Some readers and some coworkers have asked me about it so I am going to address it here… right now!!

I am sure almost everyone who follows me is familiar with the classic saying – “I think, therefore I am” – by Rene (with a squiggle over the second e… how do I do those?) Descartes… But does everyone know what it means?

There have been theories all throughout time trying to explain existence and reality; from God to Explosions to (more recently) everything being a super-computer simulation that we’re all experiencing.

One of my favorites was put forth by Rene Descartes in his paper, Discourse on the Method, in 1637. What he said, and I’m paraphrasing a little, is that you can doubt the existence of everything around you as a fancy of your imagination, but the mere fact that I am doubting existence implies that I, myself, exist.

In other words, I can not question existence without first existing… I think, therefore I am… Implying the entirety of the universe could simply be a figment of my imagination.

This was added to later by Antoine Thomas who said “I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am,” which is a little more descriptive and on the nose.

So… that’s that… HERE’S A JOKE!

Rene Descartes walks into a bar. He slumps into a seat and the bartender looks at him. “So, want your usual?”
Rene looks at him and says, “I don’t think-” and ceases to exist.