2018 MAY 04

There has been a lot going on this past week, over at my site, SeeJayStark.com! A lot to read and catch up on if you’re not up to date.

If you’re behind, visit my writing page for a list of everything I have going on!

This week’s updates

–New Chapter: EmVee 1.1

–New Chapter: CJ Versus the Deadly Deadline!

Zeds 4.2 (Posted April 30)

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2018 APR 30


There’s some fun stuff going on at my website, SeeJayStark.com, you should go check it out!

New chapters of Twin Oaks (The Zed Project) posted every Monday!

A new story in the works about a sentient NPC

A contest to win some of my pins! (ends when I wake up tomorrow, Tuesday, May the 1st)

Short blurb about Ready Player One

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(Also, it seems I am likely not going to delete SeeJaystark.wordpress.com but instead will update it once a week on what’s new with the website!)


There comes a time in every butterfly’s life when they must leave their safety zone and migrate to a new place…

I am no butterfly… However, I AM migrating. I am traveling from HERE at WordPress dot com all the way over THERE at SeeJayStark.com

I’ve transfered most content, and apparently I can transfer followers as well, so everyone should be over there.

This site will remain up for a while, then it be set to private and then set to forward everyone over to my new site. I’ll give that a few months (or the full year I’m paying for, maybe) then delete this account and focus entirely on my personal site.

Thank you for listening…



I added a new page! My first page, really, which sorts out all the current writing projects I’m working on, and past projects I’ve written but never typed up. I hope to eventually add ALL of these items to this blog (or my future site).

Check out the page by clicking HERE or by clicking on the “Writing” menu at the left or top (instead of hovering over it)