Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Chapter 1

I finished chapter 1 of the new Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition (FFXVPE) and all I have to say this; more mobile games should aspire to be on this level.

Ok… I lied, I have more to say than that.

FFXVPE is a mobile remake of the Final Fantasy XV released on Console and PC, and whatever else people have it playing on… but, instead of being a MASSIVE resource consuming behemoth of a game, it has very scaled down graphics and gameplay. It has a very “chibi-esque” art style to the character design, and puts less detail into the world around it. However, as scaled down as it is, it’s still better than a vast majority of other games currently marketed on Android. There isn’t a great selection of unique games that don’t just play like every other mobile game already out there. Continue reading “Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Chapter 1”

Games in Cars

I have a lot of free time to spend sitting around in my car just waiting for things and people and I’ve decided to put that time to some use. Because I have so much time in my car, I spend a lot of time listening to audio books and playing games on my phone. I’m going to put that time to some good use and start recording mobile games… A mobile ‘let’s play’ of sorts. Continue reading “Games in Cars”