A Continuation of Nonsense

You join Pat and I at our table, half way through a similar speech I gave you and the other stranger across the room. You, at least, were polite about my mistake and didn’t have suggestions of self gratification before I left your table, so I smile when you sit down.

“Friend of yours?” Pat asks. I nod as you shake your head. Continue reading “A Continuation of Nonsense”

Utter Nonsense

You’re at the diner, enjoying your favorite breakfast… No, not the sweet one you order at that one place because they make it better than anyone else; the healthy one that falls into the category of healthy solely because it’s not the other one. It’s the beginning of the year and you’re still adhering to your new years resolution to be healthier; eating less junk, drinking more water, and wearing the little gym key fob on your key ring with pride, instead of using it as a shameful reminder of the money you’re wasting not visiting the gym you pay for. Your dad said he gave this newfound resolution a total of two weeks, but it’s half way through February and you haven’t broken yet. Suck it dad! Continue reading “Utter Nonsense”