Don’t Get Caught Unprepared!

You and I leave our mutual friend’s house after an epic D&D session. We’re chit chatting when our conversation is disrupted by a loud groaning. We’re confused, but the source becomes evident when a horde of Zombies rounds the corner. They’re all in various degrees of dismemberment, and one seems to be dancing Thriller. Continue reading “Don’t Get Caught Unprepared!”

That’s Kinda Freakish

I was sick recently and spent 2 days in bed. In my stationary wanderings I discovered, Pilgrim style, a show on Hulu called Freakish. Being a fan of Zombie and Apocalypse films, I put the show on and… Accidentally blew through the entire available 2 seasons in the 2 days I was sick. Continue reading “That’s Kinda Freakish”